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Getting Older

“Call me crazy, but I’ve never really understood our culture’s fear of getting older, the way I see it, every year can be a brand new journey. Think about it: You get one chance to be 25, 38, 44, 61 and every age before and between. Why wouldn’t you want to experience all the wonder in each step on your path?”

Ms.. Oprah Winfrey

Hello Nzuri! Well, yesterday was my born day and it was awesome, I must say, you’ll never hear me complain about turning another year; if God allows it, who am I to question the universe..

In today’s post there will be several topics covered, yeah, I feel like writing an essay but why not; as Ms. Winfrey states ” you only get to turn this age once in a life time, so enjoy the journey”!

The picture with the hands has a funny story behind it, well now I think it’s funny, but at the time I was not a bit tickled. Several years back, my family and I were having a birthday party out at a restaurant, you would compare this facility to a Chucky Cheese establishment except it wasn’t as festive; just some of the bells and whistles. Anyway, there was a younger gentlemen eying me, maybe in his mid twenties, it was very disturbing as he made me feel uncomfortable to a point. So I asked him could I help him with something? He sighed and then stated ” I was trying to guess how old you where, by your appearance I would say in your late twenties but by our hands I’m guessing you’re much older” , then he chuckled. His boldness sort of took me by surprise and didn’t respond immediately.  Eventually, I graciously thanked him for the two-sided compliment and then told him, it didn’t matter what he thought because my husband was only a call away and he is the only man that counted! He then smirked as if embarrassed and then proceed to leave the establishment, I believe it’s because my husband looks as thou he don’t play!

Now I must admit, this rattled me a bit, because although I know I’m NO model or a person with an entourage to make me appear to be a super model. YET, I am still beautiful regardless of yesterday’s or today’s standard as I love myself and I know my worth INSIDE AND OUT; as should we all. I do not need to prove anything to anybody, yet he did catch me on an off day. Because my skin tends to flare up from my eczema and this day my hands were having an episode, I caved in to his comment and that ticked me off even worst. Since that day, I tell myself that I can’t control my body flare ups and/or my age; my body has gone through so many changes over the past several years with stress, weight fluctuation, you name it! I’ve learned over the years to appreciate the here and now. What I have going on today is wonderful, just like what you “Nzuri” have at present is perfect. I refuse to let anyone (man or woman) or anything (eczema)  steal my confidence again! We are all created/molded/age differently and thank God for that!

Whew, now with all that said, I decided to take a picture of this evergreen dress that I’d purchased from JcPennys over 4 years ago. To me, this dress is timeless, while we are on the subject of age! I wore it in my previous blog in 2015 and thought I’d post it as it looks today, when I wear this dress I feel like a BOSS, it exudes power. So, aging, like my dress, doesn’t have to be seen as worn out and ready to be tossed aside, if you add new accessories and keep the confidence; no one can question how old anything is; it’s the perseverance that counts.

I also would like to add, that whatever you see on my blog in regards to clothing, I wear, I will not ever purchase something just to take a picture; money is too scarce around these parts… I normally purchase sales, I hit that area first before anywhere else in the stores, yet this dress caught my eye as soon as I walked in and it didn’t matter the cost; I was going to have this dress! The cut is wonderful (European cut), the bow belt is perfect, the material is warm and the color, if I could get you to see the green clearer, is beautiful. I’ve worn this to social gatherings and work, dress up or down; it is a staple piece. I paired it with a neutral heel this time, but I’m on the hunt for dark green heels.

Having fun AGAIN!! I love the unconventional pictures…









I also took some pictures of my aunts that visited me this weekend, they are in there 60’s! I know, it doesn’t look like it, I have more, but these two are a constant in my life since my teen years and I just wanted them to know how much I love and appreciate them guiding me through this getting older stage, their styles are always on point and they are oh so NZURI!

Until next time, stay beautiful!




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