He Did It!!!!

Hello Nzuri!
Yes, my son “did it”! He graduated from college this past Saturday with a Bachelor’s in Communications. I am so very proud of him, if you’re a parent, then you know the struggles to keep them focused on the goal. The constant reassuring that they will be successful if only they take baby steps and keep a level head. This 4.5 year ride was a challenge for me too, as I had to learn to see and treat him as a man coming into his own and not my child that I needed to hold on to.

College Graduate age 23!!!
My son at top (age 18), bottom (age 14)

He will be a 2nd generation college student for our family cluster. We celebrated by taking him and family out to dinner as he’s not a fan of crowds, so no party.
Please join me in shouting out a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my one and only son, DeVante’ Nkosi Pickett!!!!!! Your parents love and adore you with all our hearts, here’s to you doing great things…

Mama love!
He said this is his “Blue Steel” look! He’s such a funny man!

Until next time nzuri,