Field Trip & Selfies..

Hello Nzuri! This was my first time at Ulta Beauty cosmetics store located here in town. Nice, clean and huge, with a lot of products/brands for which I felt so lost as I don’t generally wear makeup and with so many options to choose from it was quite daunting. Basically what I was looking for was low maintenance care, fragrance free and none harsh products as I have eczema and gentle skin product is a must…

I wanted to experiment with some makeup choices just in case I decided to wear some on the blog or incorporate into a weekly routine; there’s nothing wrong with adding a little vavoom every now and then right! We also looked at skincare products, which never hurts for my age, and other beauty aids. I was genuinely impressed with the sales lady, as she seemed very knowledgeable with many of the brands and also patient! This was a very relaxing experience as I didn’t feel rushed or pressured to buy anything. I learned so much on this one visit, I’m laughing right now because it really felt like a school field trip the way she excitingly showed me around the store.

So we used Bare Minerals foundation powder and concealer with a mascara (I forget whose product for mascara) as well as a primer (brown) for lashes (my daughter said my lashes looked so long), a bronze shimmer to bring back some color to the face and a little shimmery gloss; which I loved. The entire look only took about 20 minutes which was a nice combination for a natural look. I’m low maintenance with my daily makeup routine normally its lipstick or gloss and maybe eyeliner at minimum. But I wanted to see what other options were available which could be a part of my weekly routine if I so choose to do it and I truly like the look, Au natural!

The skin care brand I went went with is First Aid Beauty, the kit contains facial cleanser, toner wipes and moisturizer cream. I’m going to use it for 30 days to see how it feels on my face, because as you all know, it felt great while in the store….. I will update you on the results.

The final decision is what you see on the picture. I took this selfie when I reached my car, if I was thinking I would have asked the sales lady to take a picture of the before and after results, which would have showed a good affect for the blog; yes this was a missed opportunity!

Tell me, what do you think of the look?

Until next time nzuri,