Here We Go!

Hello Nzuri! This photo was very interesting as my husband is assisting me with taking the pictures at this time and we were having some lighting and camera difficulties. Just a side note, it’s going to take us some time to get back into the swing of things; yet I really am happy that I will have his assistance on this go around! My husband and my son really encouraged me to start back blogging and I am so glad that they are in full support of my endeavors.

Too Funny!

I included most of the photos to show how much fun I was having with him and my little one of course was his assistance, she took some as well but I didn’t include them; as we haven’t decided if I will share her photos on the blog or not. But who knows, she really isn’t camera shy!

I love this stripped sweater, it is paired with some black leggings and my favorite side shingle boots (old). Not sure if you can see the boots clearly but they are super comfortable with a wedge heel, which I normally don’t buy, yet these were a must have.

Well until next time my nzuri,